Bar Casa Vale

Gagan and I are always on the hunt for good food. What else do you do in Portland? Okay, I guess you could also go biking and look at dogs. But, nothing compares to the food scene out here.

We were looking for a new happy hour a few weeks ago when we came across Bar Casa Vale. We ended up going somewhere else, but have meaning to try it since. We found ourselves in the same situation a couple days ago and finally decided to go try it.

We heard it can get pretty packed quickly, so we headed out early and it really did fill up not long after we got there. There was a beautiful heated patio with a fire going outside, but I always complain about being cold so we sat inside. I started off with a sherry flight and then switched to a sangria and both were delicious. I’ve never actually had sherry before and was a bit hesitant, but figured the flight would be a good way to try it. Our server was great and explained all the different types to me while pouring them. Gagan tried a mix of coke and wine and as weird as it sounds, it was actually really good — and potentially dangerous considering how easy it went down.

We tried a few plates of food and on our server’s recommendation started with the Frito Mixto, which she described as vegetable donuts. They were definitely my favourite part of the meal!


We tried a few other things, including deep-fried olives, flatbread, meat skewers, peppers stuffed with cod, and a burger. Excuse my low-quality pictures, I took them on my phone and it was pretty dark.


I felt the flatbread was a bit salty for me, but the meats were delicious. The burger also came out way too rare for our taste, but the server replaced it. Unfortunately, it didn’t come out for a while and by then we were pretty full by then. Other than that, it was a great experience and the service was amazing! All the servers were friendly and really attentive. I will definitely go back!

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