Throwback: Married in Vegas

20170210_200658-2Yes, that’s right. We got married in Vegas.

Yes, we also had a big fat Indian wedding.

We got married in Vegas 6 months and a day before the big shebang and it was amazing despite numerous mishaps. I’m not kidding about the mishaps. Before I even left for Vegas, a snowstorm left me trapped on my street for almost an hour on my way to the airport. Once I got off the street, I realized my tire had popped during all the exertion and I frantically called my parents and Gagan, convinced I was gonna miss my flight. In the end, spending that time with my parents before leaving to get married turned out to be pretty great, but the stress of the moment was not fun.

A lot of people ask me what it was like to get married in Vegas and let me tell you, it is NOT what it looks like on TV. Drunken Rachel and Ross made it look so easy! In reality, you have to go get a marriage license before the ceremony — which they will not give you if you’re inebriated by the way — and then go find someone to officiate your marriage.

Getting the license was the easy part. As soon as we walked out of the office with the license in our hands, we were immediately surrounded by what I can only call “marriage vultures” that wanted us to come get married at their chapel. We had no idea what to do next, so we walked around and ended up on the old strip. While we were there, we decided to take a break and get a caricature drawn of us to mark the occasion.

After that, Gagan decided we were far too sober to be getting married in Vegas, so we grabbed a bottle of tequila and continued our search. We walked into a few chapels, learned a lot about Vegas weddings and ultimately, got extremely overwhelmed. And then decided to head back to the new strip for some reason.

We walked around a few big hotels that we had seen marriage chapels signs at earlier, but everything had closed. We also hadn’t had a proper meal all day and found ourselves in a food court, where we picked up a pretzel that had seen better days and lemonade to mix with the tequila. From there, we set up shop at a table and started calling all the chapels we could to try and figure out where we should go next. Eventually, we agreed on a chapel that was back where he had come from, so we jumped back in an Uber and made the trek back to the old strip.

After realizing we came to the wrong chapel, sitting and waiting for a while before someone guided us to where we needed to be, and paying some fees, we were finally about to get married! But of course, the fun couldn’t end there. The guy who married us looked like he was barely out of his teens, Gagan got extremely carried away with his (very sweet) vows and forgot to let me say something back, and we almost forgot to take a picture.

The upside? Despite all the madness, we had an absolute blast. There’s something so magical and intimate about taking this step together without anyone else there and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

3 thoughts

  1. Well isn’t that a fun story?! Glad to hear how the marriage started for you guys! Cheers to a lifetime of fun stories to come 🙂


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