Viva Las Vegas

A few weeks ago, Gagan and I were watching a movie when I saw a hotel deal for Vegas. Gagan looked up the flights and we realized that the trip would be pretty reasonable if we decided to go. The wheels started turning in my head and I decided to try and rope my sister in as well. Well, let’s just say Gagan and I can be pretty persuasive when we want to be because we convinced my sister and her fiancée to join us! We both used Hotwire to book our hotels and ended up getting a great deal at the Aria. We hadn’t stayed there before and absolutely loved it for the casino, food, and location.

Gagan and I went a night early and by the time we got there, we had just enough time to get to the hotel, have a midnight dinner at the hotel’s Thai restaurant (it was delicious) and pick up some essentials from CVS before passing out. This was a pretty good indicator of how the rest of the weekend was gonna go.

Raman and Brad took a super early flight in the next day and were exhausted by the time they got there, so we all decided to meet up in the afternoon after they napped. Turns out, they failed at napping and met up with us earlier than expected. We lost track of the day as we walked endlessly until we all started complaining about aching limbs and realized what time it was.

We ate and decided to head up to our rooms to rest before going out again, but Raman and Brad never made it back out while I only did because I’m married to the energizer bunny. Seriously, while we would all barely be functioning, Gagan would be running around with endless energy and he’s older than all of us!


The next day was basically the same thing, but this time I was the one in dire need of a nap. We did make it out after our naps this time, but, because we never learn, we decided to walk to In-and-Out (trying it was on Brad’s food bucket list) and I distinctly remember somebody saying it’s 15 minutes away.


We finally made it about an hour and a half, 2 bags of Doritos and a few too many drinks later.


By the time we were done eating we decided we might as well head back to Aria and from there, we quickly lost each other.

I feel like all we did all weekend was walk and eat, but then again, as long as I have food, what else do I need? Gagan and I love the food in Vegas and try to squeeze in as much as we can by splitting meals throughout the day. Since Vegas usually involves a hangover or two, we tend to gravitate towards greasy food and these are my favourites:

  • Shake Shack – My husband is the biggest burger aficionado I’ve ever met. This means I’ve tried a lot of burgers since we’ve met, but no matter how many I try, Shake Shack remains my favourite.
  • Grimaldi’s – On a trip to NYC, Gagan and I actually walked all the way to Brooklyn from Times Square to try Grimaldi’s (and a ton of other food on the way) and I’ve been hooked ever since. I was not disappointed when I tried it in Las Vegas and usually end up there a couple times during a trip.
  • Gordon Ramsey’s Burgr – This is another burger I absolutely love! Shake Shack is still my favourite though, so I don’t hit this one as much as I would otherwise.


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