Home for the Holidays!

I LOVE Christmas! It’s a pretty big deal around my house and we always have a blast celebrating.

I brought Gabbar back early when I came home for work because Gagan and I were headed to Vegas and figured Gabbar could spend an extra few days at home. My family was ecstatic to see Gabbar and I have to admit, I was a little jealous when they got more excited about him coming home than me. My mom even texted me pictures of her walking him and tucking him in while I was at work.

My family is huge and it can get a little hard to Christmas shop for everybody, so a few years ago we decided to start Secret Santa instead. This year, my younger sister got me and got me the perfect gift: a GoPro dog harness!

Gagan and I moved apartments this weekend — because the holidays aren’t crazy enough! — but I was dying to try out the harness. Since we were too busy to go out somewhere, I strapped it on Gabbar while we were moving and let him follow us around while we were moving. The videos were pretty funny and I loved seeing the world from Gabbar’s perspective. I can’t wait to take him out somewhere with the harness!

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