And Then There Were Four…

We finally did it! We found a puppy to adopt! Meet the newest addition to our little family, Zeke!


Isn’t he the cutest!? He reminds me so much of Gabbar when he was a pup and I just can’t get over how adorable he is.

As I mentioned before, we’ve been planning on getting another dog for months now, but we’ve been postponing it because of all our travelling. We finally had a few clear months coming up, so we figured this would be the perfect time to start looking. Unfortunately, while I was home for my birthday, I fell on ice and messed up my hip pretty badly. I ended up having to stay home longer than I intended to simply because I couldn’t travel. After two weeks of waiting for me to recover, Gagan decided to take the train down to Canada and drove us back to Portland.

Once we were back, I started obsessively looking at all the dog shelters in our area for the perfect addition to our family. When I say obsessively, I mean like stopping by the shelter to see the dogs (and crying multiple times during each visit) and refreshing their websites every 10 minutes. I never really knew how hard it is to find the perfect fit until I went through this process. And then suddenly, Zeke dropped right into our laps.

We headed out to do some grocery shopping and of course, I wanted to stop at the shelter on the way to scope out the dogs. We checked out the shelter without any luck and then headed to the grocery store. We were just leaving the grocery store when I opened up my Facebook and saw a post on my feed by Oregon Dog Rescue. It was this:


I instantly lost my mind. I saw that it had been posted about 30 minutes before and there were already lots of comments under the post. I showed Gagan and begged him to drive to Tualatin right away as I called the shelter to confirm Zeke was still there. Luckily, we had Gabbar with us, so we jumped on the highway and I told Gagan that for once, I wouldn’t say anything about him speeding. When we got there, Gagan had barely parked before I ran right in and asked them if Zeke was still available.

We were the first ones to make it to the shelter and we instantly fell in love with him. Apparently, someone had bought Zeke from a breeder, but didn’t realize just how much work a puppy is so they left him at the shelter that morning. He’s about 10 weeks, so I’m guessing they only had him for 2 or 3 weeks. It breaks my heart that somebody would give up this little guy without trying to train him a little longer, but at least it worked in my favour! Gagan asked me what I thought and I looked at him and told him that I wasn’t willing to leave the shelter without the puppy. So we introduced the dogs, filled out the paperwork, and walked out the door with our puppy!

Of course, we didn’t wake up that day thinking we’d be coming home with a puppy, so we had to make a stop at PetSmart to grab Zeke a few things. It didn’t take long to realize what a crazy and independent puppy Zeke was as he somersaulted out of the cart as soon as we walked in. And in true Zeke fashion, he walked away like nothing had happened. The shelter gave us a book full of coupons that came in really handy and we stocked up on puppy food, a crate, some toys, bowls, and a little bed.

Poor Zeke was so exhausted from all this that he passed out in my arms as we were driving home.


I wish I could say he slept that well through the night, but there was a lot of crying and whining. I put his crate right next to my side of the bed and stuck my arm in the crate with him and that seemed to help a bit, but neither of us really slept — my lack of sleep was mostly from excitement. Hopefully, he’ll learn to love his new home and family as much we love him!


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