Holy shit

Zeke has the poops.

He has them BAD.

At about 2 in the morning, I woke up to Zeke whining (totally normal) and was about to get up to take him out when I smelled what I thought was a really nasty fart. If you know puppies, you know what I’m talking about.

There’s nothing as stinky as a puppy fart… except puppy diarrhea.

Gagan woke up as I did and smelled the “fart” and leaned over me to shine a light into the crate. And then he completely freaked out. I didn’t have my glasses on and have horrible vision (yes, I can’t even see inside a crate right next to my bed without glasses), so I ran to the bathroom to grab them as Gagan continued to freak out about how there was shit everywhere. I came back into the room and realized that Gagan was not exaggerating.




It was like Zeke had projectile pooped all over his crate and the poor guy was just sitting there looking confused as we raced around trying to clean it.

We emptied his crate of the toys, bed, and blanket and started rinsing them in the tub while also trying to clean Zeke and keep him clean. Then we threw everything we could into the washing machine and started spraying down the crate. Despite all our efforts, the stench was unbearable, so we hauled the dogs into the living room along with our pillows and blanket. We didn’t know what else to do, so we set up camp on the couch and turned on the TV while the room aired out. The dogs quickly passed out while taking up most of the couch and we did our best to get comfortable.

As we were sitting there, I couldn’t help it and just started laughing. Gagan looked over and told me he loved me and we both collapsed into a fit of giggles. Eventually, the room aired out enough that we were able to go back to sleep for a couple hours.

Zeke was okay for the rest of the day… until we all went to sleep.

And then it started.

Every two hours, we woke up to Zeke whining and took him out to more explosive diarrhea. We made it through the night and started searching for vets in the morning. We finally found a clinic with an opening that evening and scheduled an appointment.

We took Zeke to Broadway Veterinarian Clinic and they were amazing! Everyone was super friendly and they all really took the time to answer any questions we had. They even called us the next day to check up on Zeke, who is feeling a lot better. The veterinarian did find traces of a virus when they checked up on Zeke, but they also contributed his stomach issues to all the changes he’s been going through. When we got Zeke from the shelter, he had only been there for a few hours and they hadn’t had a chance to feed him and they didn’t know what he was eating when he first got there, so we never had the chance to transition him to his new food. This combined with the virus was a perfect storm. He seems to be making a great recovery and hopefully, this will be the last of it!20180309_145134

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