Must Love Dogs

When my Gagan and I first met, one of the first things we asked each other was how we felt about dogs. Luckily for both of us, we both not only loved dogs but we also both had black labs. As our relationship became more serious, Gagan began talking about marriage. I wasn’t so sure. Marriage was one of those things I never saw myself doing. I actually planned on living alone as long as I could while building myself a doggy empire. Eventually, I realized that being in a long distance relationship forever was also not ideal and I kinda really loved him. I started warming up to the idea of marriage as long as Gagan agreed that I get to have my dogs. Yes, out of all the things that come with getting married and moving to a different country, my only concern was my dog and future dogs. I actually even asked for a dog as my wedding present.

During Indian weddings, there is a lot of cash given to the bride and groom over the festivities. When we got back to Portland after the wedding was over, I told Gagan that I wanted to set aside some of my money to give to a good cause. Good karma, right? I wasn’t sure exactly what cause I wanted to donate it to, so we set the money aside for a few months.


In the meantime, I had started looking at local shelters for dogs we could adopt. And then I decided I would donate the money to one of the shelters… then I realized, I could just adopt a dog and pay the adoption fee with my saved money. The dog gets a home, the shelter gets a donation and I get my wedding gift. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving! I told Gagan my idea and as usual, he laughed and agreed.


Gagan has been very supportive of all my crazy dog ideas. Whether it was moving Gabbar to Portland and helping him adjust to a new home, visiting dog shelters nonstop (and leaving in tears almost every time), strapping a GoPro to Gabbar for his walks, bringing home a puppy on the spot, and even setting up this blog, he supports it all. He gives up sleep to take the puppy out at night and even slept with him on the couch the other morning so I could sleep in. I’m so glad I ended up with someone who loves dogs as much as me or maybe it’s just that he loves me enough to go along with my crazy ideas.

Whatever it is, I’m grateful to call him my husband.

0626_Gagan  Kiran Aug 11 2017 - Ceremony.jpg
This picture was taken as we were leaving my house after our wedding and I was having a meltdown about leaving Gabbar for a few weeks.

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