Holy Shit Part 2

It’s back.

The shit is back.

Yup, Zeke has the poops again. This time has been bad, maybe even worse.

Yesterday afternoon, I took Zeke out to pee. I brought him back in and when we got out of the elevator, there was another dog in the hallway. Zeke started sniffing around as we walked away and I thought he was just picking up the scent of the dog.

He had just gone out, right?


We had just made it to our door when I realized he was about to poop. I quickly ran to pick him up to take him back outside, but it was too late.

He started pooping right there… while he was walking.

So, there I was… staring at a trail of diarrhea that led right to my door.

It was also on Zeke.

Our door can’t be propped open, so I had to make a choice; I could either let Zeke run away covered in poop or I could clean him and let the door go, which would mean squishing the poop underneath it. I chose the latter. I grabbed the wipes and started cleaning Zeke while the poop oozed through the door. Once I was done cleaning him, I started on the bottom of the door and then the carpet.

Did I mention our carpet is yellow?

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and nothing seemed to get the stain out. I finally thought to grab a sponge and started scrubbing furiously until the stain was gone.

Then I took him back outside and got there just in time for him to go again.

We got back inside and a little while later, he starts sniffing around on the floor again. I quickly grabbed him and made a run for it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough.

Just as we made it to the elevator, he let it go all over the carpet.

I ran him back to the apartment and grabbed a bunch of cleaning supplies and started trying to clean it. Just as I’m spraying it, a door opens and — for some reason that I still don’t understand — I completely panicked and ran across the hall into the stairwell. I was so frazzled at this point that I just start walking down the stairs and exit through the door at the bottom — completely forgetting I don’t have my keys. I had no choice but to take the back exit out of the building.

I walked around the building and for some reason, I hid the bottle of carpet cleaner in the band of my pants — apparently, my brain turns to mush in stressful situations.

I walked around to the front entrance thinking I’ll just buzz the door and hopefully Gagan will see the call (he was at work) and buzz me in. While I’m still trying to figure out how to use the buzzer, a lady opens the door and I follow her in. I make small talk with her in the elevator hoping I don’t stink like puppy diarrhea and pray that she doesn’t notice the big poop stain outside the elevator. Luckily, the stain is in front of the second elevator and we manage to avoid it altogether. I quickly spray the spot a few more times to loosen up the stain and run back to my apartment, which thankfully I had left unlocked.

Then I call Gagan and start crying while telling him what happened and he tells me he’s on his way home and will help me as soon as he’s there. I literally paced around until he got home, but, true to his word, he walked in, grabbed the cleaner and took care of the mess without missing a beat.

Once the chaos was finally over, he grabbed us a couple of beers and suggested taking the dogs for a walk to Sizzle Pie. So we went for a long walk, enjoyed some beer and pizza and passed out instantly when we came back home. Despite the madness of the day, it ended on a really fun note.

Update: We took Zeke to the vet again and his stomach issues finally seem to be over.

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