Tulip Festival

As usual, Zeke woke us up nice and early on Saturday morning. The weather forecast was predicting rain, but it hadn’t started yet and since we were up anyway, I suggested we head down to the waterfront for a walk. We’ve never been down there so early and it was nice because it wasn’t as busy as usual.


We let the dogs run around for a bit and then went on a walk along the water and by the time we came back, the vendors were setting up at the market. We grabbed a beer — that I managed to spill all over Gagan and Gabbar thanks to Zeke pulling on his leash — and food while the dogs enjoyed being pet by pretty much everyone.


We came home soon after and just as we did, the sun came out, so we decided to head to Woodburn for the Tulip Festival.

Unfortunately, the sun disappeared pretty quickly and it rained on and off on our way. It was cold and overcast at the farm, but we made the most of it.


The dogs pulled us all over the fields (luckily, they didn’t trample any of the tulips) and we took some great pictures. I was actually surprised that Zeke wasn’t trying to eat any of the tulips… until we got to the red ones.


He had been so good the whole time and suddenly he started trying to eat the tulips! I can hardly blame him, the red tulips were an incredible shade of red! We distracted him with treats and got a couple pictures before we decided they we should get out of the fields for the sake of the tulips.


We headed back towards the booths and contemplated trying some food, but decided against it because the dogs seemed super thirsty. I did manage to grab a few bunches of tulips though!


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