Gabbar Turns 10!

Gabbar just turned 10! I have no idea where the last 10 years with him have gone and I’d be lying if I said his birthdays weren’t becoming a bit bittersweet. As he moves a little slower and the grey hairs continue to appear, I worry about how many years I have left with him. I think about all the amazing days we’ve had together and find myself wondering how many more. I try really hard not to think about him getting older, but there are days where I just can’t deny my fears. I felt these fears creeping in leading up to his birthday and decided I wasn’t going to dwell on them. Instead, we decided to celebrate Gabbar’s big 10 by taking him to the beach.



There’s nothing Gabbar loves more than swimming, so it seemed fitting to give him an early birthday celebration on the Oregon Coast.


We loaded up the car early on Saturday morning and made the drive out to Manzanita beach. As usual, everyone had their dogs running around in the water off-leash, so we let the boys run free. It was such a glorious day. Few things in this world make me as happy as watching the dogs play in the water. Zeke still seems a bit wary around the water, but Gabbar has been a true water dog since he was a pup. He forgets his aches and pains and swims until we force him out of the water.


After hanging out at Manzanita for a few hours, we decided to head to Cannon Beach because it’s pretty closeby and we thought the crowds might have dispersed a bit. It wasn’t too crowded, but the crowds were the least of our problems. There were tons of dead sea creatures washing up all over the beach and it was a constant struggle to keep the dogs from eating them. We’ve never been to Cannon Beach in the middle of the summer, so I’m not sure if this is typical,


Just like at Manzanita, most people had their dogs running around without their leashes, so we let the dogs wade around in the water leash-free. We quickly realized this wasn’t a good idea when Gabbar ate a huge crab and Zeke ran away with a dead bird. We leashed them back up but found that we still had to keep our eyes on the sand because of all the little sea creatures the dogs kept finding.


We decided Manzanita was close enough to go back to and we love the pizza there. If you’re ever in Manzanita and craving pizza, be sure to stop by Marzano’s Pizza Pie. You will not be disappointed! They no longer offer restaurant seating but personally, I think taking the pizza to the beach is much more fun, especially when you’re only steps away. You can walk up to the window to order, but be prepared for a little bit of a wait. We killed time by heading to the market nearby. I don’t think we’ve ever been to Manzanita without stopping at The Little Apple. It’s super close to the beach, the people are really friendly, and you can find almost anything you need — in our case, wine, snacks, and firewood.


We took the pizza back to the beach, had a little picnic, and watched the sunset. In other words, the perfect day!


We did also celebrate Gabbar’s birthday on the actual day (a couple days after the beach day) and as always, I went all out with birthday hats, balloons, and cake. I sent Gagan out to find cake, but he had a hard time until he found The Filling Station.


The cake was super cute and the dogs couldn’t get enough of it!


Happy birthday, Gabs. If I had one wish, you would live forever.


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