Tamanawas Falls

Since we just got back from a whirlwind trip around Europe and then made the drive from Canada to Portland with the dogs, we thought it might be a good idea to have a lazy weekend. Of course, by the time the weekend arrived, we were fiending for an adventure. We’re still a bit jetlagged, so we’ve been waking up way too early every day. Saturday was no exception. Since we were up anyway, we figured we might as well go for a hike somewhere. I started perusing around on Instagram and found some pictures of Tamanawas Falls. Since it was so early, we decided the two-hour drive wouldn’t be so bad and headed out.


When we arrived at the trailhead, we got out and instantly realized it was way colder than we had anticipated. I was wearing a big jacket, so I was okay as long as we kept moving, but I definitely felt the cold whenever we stopped too long in an area without sunlight. There were quite a few cars parked at the entrance and I was worried it might be really crowded, but it wasn’t bad and a lot of people also had dogs with them.


I loved this hike for so many reasons. The air was crisp, there was so much beauty around us, and the waterfall is gorgeous! You get a lot of different scenery and varying terrains on this hike. We saw everything from large boulders to trails covered in bright leaves.



There is a rocky area that can be a little challenging, but keep going if you can because the waterfall is worth it! It also gets pretty slippery in some areas, so I’d highly recommend some good shoes or being extra careful over the rocks and muddy areas. We actually saw somebody slip and slide down part of the trail.


In some of the areas, we had to wait and let people pass so we could let the dog leashes go because there was no way we were making it over the slippery areas while holding them without falling. We usually let them wade around in the water off-leash, but put them right back on when we hear someone approaching.



We also hit a big log that Gabbar couldn’t jump over, so Gagan had to lift him over it. Otherwise, the hike wasn’t too difficult. The waterfall was amazing, but Gabbar couldn’t get into the water (if you have a lab, you know all they care about is being in the water) and started barking until we turned around. You can actually get into the cave behind the waterfall, but we knew Gabbar wouldn’t be able to scale the rocks.


Of course, we underestimated how tired our bodies really were from our travels — not to mention we haven’t hiked in over a month — and were exhausted and sore by the end. Gabbar seemed to be in the same boat.


We hadn’t eaten since breakfast at home (aside from nuts and apples during the hike) and were starving by the time we finished the hike. We absolutely love visiting pFriem after our hikes, so we headed over for some beer and food. We got our usual tasting flight and this time, my favourite was the Juicy Winter Ale. We got a bunch of food to share. The lentil croquettes and kale and farro salad were delicious!  They usually have a bit of a wait, but they have a heated patio (that’s dog-friendly in the colder months) and a tasting room where you can grab some beer until they send you a text that your table is ready. There’s also a huge park on one side of the street, so it’s not hard to find something to do while you wait.

pfriem food


Quick and Dirty:

  • Type: In and out
  • Distance: 4 miles (I read online that it was 3.3 miles, but my Fitbit clocked 4)
  • Dog-friendly (leashed)
  • Elevation gain: 600 ft
  • Moderately trafficked
  • Free parking
  • No bathrooms


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