Paris is Always a Good Idea

Our Europe trip kicked off in Paris. We actually hadn’t planned on trying to see Paris during our trip, but while booking our flights, we decided Paris seemed like the best option for a layover. With a little bit of help from Google maps, we found that we could squeeze in a visit to the Eiffel Tower while waiting for our flight to Prague. I never thought I’d welcome a layover, but I’m actually glad we did this because my butt couldn’t handle sitting in the plane anymore.


We landed in Paris early in the morning and tried to get out of the airport as quickly as possible. We ended up hitting a lot of early morning traffic, but that didn’t seem to slow down our Uber driver, who must have been a racecar driver in another life. Then again, everyone there drives like maniacs. Gagan and I actually compared the driving to driving in India, which is absolutely insane.


We did make it to the Eiffel Tower and it was totally worth the crazy drive. It was an absolutely perfect fall morning. The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and it wasn’t too warm or cold. We walked around and took some pictures for a bit before deciding to look for food.

Gagan and I are both extremely extroverted, which means we talk to anyone and everyone. This has come in really handy during our travels because we love to ask locals where we should eat and haven’t been let down by their suggestions yet. In true Gagan-Kiran fashion, we started chatting up a local that was walking down the street. He gave us a couple recommendations and we ended up on the patio of a cute little restaurant. I ordered a charcuterie and French onion soup along with some wine and Gagan decided to get a savoury crepe. The soup was definitely my favourite part of the meal.

french food

Before we made a run back to the airport, we obviously had to stop for some pastries and as usual, Gagan just about bought one of everything in the bakery. We munched on the pastries while waiting for our flight and I still feel like I could drool thinking about the chocolate croissant and eclair.


After seeing the little bit of Paris that we did, I really hope we can make a trip back someday.

eiffel tower

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