Exercise Essentials

In 2008, I got in a pretty gnarly car accident. This led to lots of physiotherapy, which I absolutely hated. I was willing to basically do anything to fix my body without physiotherapy, so I jumped on the option to start going to the gym on my own when my therapist suggested it. Of course, I had never really worked out before and was super intimidated, so I used to go to the leisure center in my small town at 5 a.m. and workout with the handful of seniors that would be there that early — who were super cool by the way.

Over time, I became super comfortable at the gym and got completely addicted to fitness. It doesn’t matter if it’s walking the dogs, hiking, working out in the gym, or even just dancing, exercising keeps me sane. It really elevates my mood too. I’m always in a great mood after I exercise. Even while I was waiting for brain surgery, I started going back to the gym (as much as my body allowed) just to feel like I was back in my element — this meant I sometimes came home after 10 minutes of slowly pedalling the bike, but it was something and made a huge difference mentally.

Anyway, yes, I like working out. I also love cute workout gear! If you’re gonna be active, why not look cute while doing it, right? Also, most importantly, why not be comfortable?

I’ve had my eye on these Adidas Ultraboosts for months and months, but just couldn’t pull the trigger because of the price. A few weeks before Christmas, I saw them on sale and asked *cough* told *cough* Gagan to buy me them for Christmas. He did and also did me one better by getting me a super cute Fitbit strap that matched. I totally understand the hype behind these shoes now because they are insanely comfortable! I usually have a hard time with sock-ish (does that make sense?) shoes, but these slip on and off so easily. I also stole these headphones from him and love them! They make working out so much easier because I don’t have to worry about wires and earbuds that are flopping all over the place.
Full disclosure: The inside of my shoes are already covered in black dog hair (not so cute on light pink) even after a failed attempt at vacuuming the inside of them.


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