Things I Love Thursday

I am that annoying who loves to tell people about products I love. I feel like if I find something that I love, I need to tell others so they can love it too. For example, I tell anyone I meet that has an older dog about Nu Pro because my 10-year-old lab is running around so much better and I want all dogs to be able to do that. I bought a blowdryer that dries my thick hair in 5 minutes (a frickin’ miracle!) and my hair had barely cooled before I sent my sisters, friends, cousins, neighbours a Snapchat raving about it. Anyway, you get what I’m throwing down. I will follow up about the Nupro and miracle blowdryer, but for now, here’s some home stuff I’m loving right now:


Target Haul


I’ve slowly been turning Gagan’s man cave/dorm room/bachelor pad into a somewhat adult apartment. I started buying little things when I’d visit, which included a toothbrush holder that broke and a soap dispenser that has a big chip in the side. I finally got tired of carefully balancing my toothbrush on top of things on the counter and bought a few things online from Target. I was a bit disappointed that the toothbrush holder had chipped during the delivery and had accepted the fact that I’d have to do what I didn’t want to do in the first place — go to the store. Luckily, I happened to open the follow-up email from Target about my delivery and saw a link for issues with my order. I was still thinking about whether or not I should bother because I really didn’t feel like mailing anything, but the process was so fast that I had clicked a couple buttons and it was taken care of. Turns out, they’ll just send me a replacement without me sending them anything back. Needless to say, I am super impressed and will continue spending countless hours perusing through their website for things I don’t need.


Smallwood Homes Signs


A couple of months ago, this sign popped up in my feed and I knew I just had to have it because hellooo, this is my whole life in 5 words! I pulled the trigger on it right away and was even more impressed with it in person. After I got this one, I had my eye on another one but was having trouble justified spending more money on something that isn’t really necessary, especially around the holidays. Well, lo and behold, they were running a sale, so I picked it up. I love this one, especially because even Gagan loves it.



Portland Nursery


I’ve been wanting to add more plants to our apartment for a while, but haven’t really gotten around to it besides some succulents I found at Ikea — which I also just realized I haven’t watered in a few months… Whoops. Anyhoo, we stopped by Portland Nursery and just happened to be there when they had 30% off. I picked up 3 plants and 3 planters and they fit so perfectly into our space and brighten it up. Also, I went into Portland Nursery without any idea what I was doing and the staff were all incredibly nice and helpful and helped me figure out what would work best for me… and guided me inside to look at indoors plants because that’s how clueless I was. I really like that they have a variety of plants and pots that can fit different spaces.


Kate Spade Ring Dish


I’ve been married for over a year, but still haven’t opened/brought all my bridal shower gifts over from Canada. A little context on this: I had a 6 day, 500+ people, big, fat Indian shebang. I was able to cut down my bridal shower guest list a lot, but it was still huge and thanks to my wonderful and generous guests, I got some amazing gifts — much needed because I moved in with a guy whose dishes were paper plates and solo cups.  One of the gifts I finally got around to pulling out was this ring dish. Gagan works at the hospital and constantly washes his hands, so he doesn’t wear his ring to work. I take mine off when I’m lifting weights, showering, sleeping, etc. We were leaving our rings lying around on the counter until I finally remembered I had this. It’s super cute and gives us a safer spot for our rings than right next to the drain.

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