My older sister always tells this story about how I used to share food with neighbourhood dogs when I was a kid. She says I didn’t just give them the food, but I literally shared it — bite for me, bite for the dog. Anyone who knows me wouldn’t be surprised if I still did this today (I’m not that bad anymore) because I am absolutely obsessed with dogs. My obsession has steadily been growing since I was a kid and my life aspirations include adopting allll the dogs and becoming a crazy dog lady.

In 2014, I met an American guy who shared my love for dogs — bonus: he was also super sweet and funny. He not only understood my love for dogs but also my love for adventure. We fell in love and got married (twice) and I embarked on the greatest adventure of my life: moving to Portland.


Of course, I brought my humongous dog, Gabbar, with me and a few months later, we adopted Zeke from a local shelter.


Writing and dog parks are my therapy, so I started this blog to keep track of our many adventures and to have a place to put all the pictures. And, I figure it’ll help my family and friends back home see what we’re up to — I can only post so much on social media! Professionally, I’m a mishmash of journalism/social media/communications/marketing/broadcasting, so I’m also hoping this will help me work on my writing and social media skills.

Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, being concise is not my strong suit. I hope you enjoy the madness that is us!

Happy adventuring!